From Vision to Solution

From vision to architecture
A business vision can be methodically converted into the specifications of an information architecture.
New ideas will be implemented, old ones discarded.
The way from today to tomorrow is taking shape.

- We will help you to do this. Your ideas and our methodical procedure lead to the goal: the information architecture

From the architecture to project
Whether standard components, systems design or individual development: the architecture has to be implemented.
This is done via projects.
A realizable project size, clearly defined frameworks and professional project management ensure the success of the project.

- We have the experience

Projects and technology
Every project requires methods and technology. Our rule is: use what's available and determine what's missing.
Careful methodical procedures and a good knowledge of technology is, therefore, a prerequisite.
The choice of the right technology and the selection of the most suitable products are the bases for success,

- Our qualified specialists will advise you

Differentiate instead of differ
Your business is different from others!
Is your software too?

- For years we have been designing and building individual applications using modern technologies

Testing and replacing
Testing often takes up to one third of the effort of a project. It is necessary to define test procedures with test levels, to produce test data and to define and meet criteria for acceptance in the production.
Old versions must be replaced. Such work is highly demanding.

- May we help you with this?

Benefits and improvements
In order to safeguard investments and to adapt to new requirements, the systems have to be maintained and extended.
Targets of availability must be achieved.

- For this we have specialists

People and quality
Quality is achieved through people.
Knowledge, and its application, measurements and improvement are the building blocks of success.
A methodical approach and the definition of quality metrics make it possible to achieve quality goals.

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